Meet Our Ducks

Financial Consulting,
Nick Seltun

Nick is a principal and financial advisor of O’Connor Capital Advisory, LLC. He has an extensive background in the financial industry and is committed to and passionate about his client relationships.

He understands the dynamic between all of the different pieces of your unique financial world. He loves taking your financial goals and putting together an understandable and achievable action plan.

Nick’s career has taken him through Phoenix, San Diego & Seattle. Nick enjoys golfing, hiking, fishing, the beach, farmers markets and spending time anywhere with his family. His wife Lynda, and kids Judah and Cali are the joy of Nick’s life.

Wills & Trusts,
Lynda Seltun

Lynda is the founder of Pacific Legal, PC, a boutique estate planning law firm and is opposed to the creation of “one size fits all” wills and trusts. Lynda does not believe in merely drafting documents and filing them away; rather, she is dedicated to helping California residents protect themselves and their families by providing comprehensive, sophisticated, and effective estate planning services while fostering an environment of trust and understanding for every client.

Lynda graduated from Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and is a member of the California State Bar Association. She began her legal career by managing a patent portfolio for a nutraceutical company in Washington State, but craved a more meaningful and satisfying professional experience, one where she could help people protect themselves and their families.

She finds great satisfaction in helping people protect their wealth, ensure their wishes are met, provide for and protect the people they love, and create lasting legacies.

Lynda’s free time is dedicated entirely to the loves of her life – her husband Nick and two children, Judah and Cali.

How did Your Ducks start?

We have dreamed of working together since before we were married – working side by side, helping people in all walks of life – from young parents looking for financial freedom to seasoned investors looking to minimize taxes and protect and preserve their wealth for the next generation.

We had been happily helping people in our individual capacities – Nick as a financial advisor and Lynda as an estate planning attorney. But one Saturday, Lynda was meeting with a delightful young couple over coffee, talking about how to best protect their children, when Lynda’s client said “Our financial advisor told us two years ago that we needed to talk to an estate planning attorney. It feels great to finally be getting all of our ducks in a row.” That statement stayed with Lynda – she realized that she had heard not just that same sentiment, but even those same words – from one client after another. She came home and shared the story with Nick; together they recognized there is a need – for people to get their ducks in a row, through a coordinated and simplified process – and so Your Ducks was born.

We recognize that, while people of all walks of life will benefit from the services of Your Ducks, not all will be in the position to pay for financial planning and estate planning – Your Ducks is thrilled to be able to provide these services absolutely free for qualifying clients. Contact us today for more information.

We try to give our lawyer services away for free. Ask us how.

Are you afraid of calling a lawyer to draft your trust because of what it may cost?

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